With a love for visual storytelling and extensive commercial experience in the global film and television market, Canoe offers a range of services from development through release.

Sales and Distribution

Marketing, Festival and Distribution Strategies; International Sales to Global/Multi-Territory Platforms and Distributors; Domestic Sales and Releasing; Pre-Sales (limited to certain projects); Consultancy, Identification, Outreach, and Negotiation of deals with recommended International Sales Agents; Invoicing and Collections Management; Distribution Management.


Script Coverage; Evaluating and Sharpening the Proposition; Finance Strategies; Consulting on Cast and Packaging; Developing key Pitch Materials, Bibles and Business plans; Internal Valuation; Preparation of Sales Estimates.


Recommendation and Introduction to International Co-production Partners, Studios, and Production/Post Facilities; Expertise in UK and Canadian Financing Sources.


International Film Valuation (for projects in development and completed films).


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Our latest posts and whereabouts.

Studio Soho

Pili receives BAFTA nomination for Outstanding Debut!

Big congrats to Producer Sophie Harman and Director Leanne Welham

I'm thrilled to be representing Pili, currently in contention for Outstanding Debut, on behalf of Studio Soho International

European Film Market

Canoe @ EFM

EFM 2019 (European Film Market) - Berlin, Germany - February 7th – 15th

To schedule a meeting, please use the contact form below.

Happy Holidays

2018 in review

Thank you so much to our clients who have trusted in us and likewise, inspired us, during this first year. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished...

Licensing films directly into 30+ international territories, closing 3 world sales deals, 1 international remake deal, raising production finance of £3.2 million, supporting the raise of a further £2.1m, having a baby girl, and shaping a host of feature film and documentary projects.

Studio Soho

Surviving Christmas with the Relatives

Studio Soho’s Surviving Christmas with the Relatives gets UK theatrical release

Following its Leicester Square Premiere, the film has launched on over 50 sites via Studio Soho Distribution.

Caroline Stern

And, we’re back!

After a short maternity leave, Canoe is open again for business with several new projects soon to be announced!


Canoe confirms pre-Cannes sales @ Marché du Film

Latvian historical action film 'The Pagan King' sells to US, Australia

The Pagan King, an English-language historical action film, has inked key deals for London based distribution and sales company Canoe Film, working on behalf of Latvia-based producers Platforma.
(Press Announcement)

Cannes Film Festival 2018

Canoe @ Festival de Cannes

Cannes Film Festival 2018 - Cannes, France - May 8 - 19th

We may not be moored alongside the other yachts, but Canoe will be heading to Cannes May 8th to 13th with a base at The Member’s Club at Plage 45 (Grand Hotel). To schedule a meeting, please use the contact form below.

About Us

Canoe Film is a new London-based company launched in 2017 in response to an expressed need by Producers for greater transparency, flexibility, and engagement in the international sales and distribution of their films, and a further desire to access market expertise and industry oversight during the formative stages of development, packaging and financing.

Working Model.

Canoe’s business model is based on the idea of bringing the distribution function “in-house” to experienced Producing teams. Canoe collaborates with Producers to help shape film and television projects for the domestic and global markets from the outset, optimising their financing and distribution potential, and ensuring that decisions made throughout the process serve to enhance the value of the completed property.
The company also provides consultancy services to funders, vetting key elements of project packages and providing creative and commercial assessments.

Who we represent.

Canoe works primarily with active Producers and Financiers of feature films and feature documentaries in the UK and Europe, but also has clients in South Africa, Canada, and the Baltics.
It serves Producers and Rightsholders by identifying the range of opportunities available to them in a continually evolving distribution landscape, assessing commercial potential and compatibility, and structuring sales and license agreements on terms that are fair.

Why the Canoe.

A cheeky reference to its founder’s Canadian origins, the idea behind canoe lays in the firm belief that film production and distribution must be a collaborative process. It requires several people to come together, each with a function, and to agree on a direction or path. Success lies in finding the right team and working with that team to generate something that would be impossible with only one person.
In actuality, the symbol has evoked many more associations and metaphors from the idea of exploration to the need for hard persistent work to the idea of independence.

Who is Canoe.

Caroline Stern
Caroline Stern
Managing Director

With over fifteen years of senior executive experience running International Film and Television sales companies, Caroline has developed exceptional oversight of the film and television industry and has been at the forefront of developing entertainment patterns.
Initially hired to manage the operations of a boutique sales agency in Vancouver in 2001, she became an integral part of its growth, eventually heading sales and acquisitions for the company. In 2008, her career took her to Toronto and ultimately, to London, where she established the international sales division for UK independent distributor, Kaleidoscope, which she subsequently oversaw for seven years.
In 2017, amidst an evolving international landscape in the film and television industry, Caroline set up her own consultancy business, Canoe Film, to bring project development, finance strategy, and distribution expertise in-house to Producers. Throughout her career, Caroline has worked extensively on the distribution and international sales of over 250 titles including Hideo Nakata’s The Ring and Dark Water, Steve Buscemi’s Interview, Joss Whedon’s adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing, and Bobcat Goldthwaite’s Willow Creek. Seminal documentaries include the multi-award winning Sharkwater, David Attenborough’s The Penguin King, and Ice T’s The Art of Rap.
Caroline has also Executive Produced several very commercially successful films including A Streetcat Named Bob and Interview with a Hitman. She is currently attached as a Producer on two projects set to shoot in 2018: an Adventure Fantasy and Studio Soho’s upcoming Surviving Christmas (written and to be directed by Academy Award Nominee, James Dearden), and is also developing a television series, based on the book entitled, The Mafia’s Banker.


Nice things our clients say.

Robusto Films

Riccardo RomaniFounder, Creative Director

When we first met, it took me only a few minutes to realise I wanted to work with Caroline. Her contagious sensibility and dedication to her work makes my life easier. When I decided to create RobustoFilms, I began looking for someone who could share the same artistic values and bring complimentary experience from the field. Caroline was the perfect fit. Providing a variety of connections all over the world, Caroline is poised to give my projects the right positioning, while offering valuable advice on the production side. Working with Canoe Film gives me the perception I am putting my projects in a tailor’s hands. From financing to distribution, every phase of the process is handled with professionalism and pragmatism. I hope my collaboration with Caroline’s Canoe Film will last long, my business will definitely profit from it, and the pleasure of working with someone I highly respect, will make the experience fulfilling.

Studio Soho

Nick HamsonCEO, Producer
Studio Soho

Canoe Film, through Caroline has demonstrated tremendous value across the Studio Soho slate of projects and has become an indispensable part of our organisation. Personable, professional and incredibly loyal and a great ambassador for our future.

Wislocki Films

Verity WislockiOwner, Producer
Wislocki Films

Caroline Stern as Canoe Film has helped and advised us on the distribution of our documentary feature Another News Story. She has been tremendously helpful in enabling us to navigate a largely unknown and very scary terrain! She has provided clarity and a workable strategy amidst a very daunting landscape where one decision affects so many other elements. She’s also very well connected and an incredibly lovely person to work with!

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